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Colorful Book Spines
Colorful Book Spines




Colorful Book Spines

AR home connect

Username: student ID# 
Password:  first and last initial 
Select: "School Year" to see:

            how many words have been read

            how many points earned for the year

Summer Reading & Battle of the Books List

Bookopoly Challenge

​We are encouraging students to participate in the Bookopoly Challenge this year and read from a variety of genres.  They can read ANY books they would like as long as the books to match the spaces on the gameboard. A book cannot be used for more than one space. Students must take an AR test on the book and write down on the board game which piece it matches. Once a student finishes the challenge, he/she must bring the completed gameboard to Ms. Young, and she will call you to the library to  take your picture for the website/social media, and announce your name over the intercom. Finishers will receive a Bookopoly t-shirt at the end of the school year. This year's deadline is April 28,  2024. 

2023-2024 Summer Reading and Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books
Read 4 books from the list and compete in this year's Battle of the Books competition.
Deadline is March 1, 2o24

Student Log (printable).

23-24 Titles_edited.jpg

     Summer Reading & Battle of the Books 2022-2023

20233-lyrc list.png


Summer Reading & Battle of the Books 2021-2022

Summer Reading & Battle of the Books 2020-2021

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