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Library Fines
Fines will no longer be charged for overdue books; however, we ask students to turn in or renew books on time as stated by the "due date" stamp located in the back of the book. Library materials (beginning with a limit of 2 items) are available to be checked out for two weeks at a time. 

Lost and Damaged Books
​If a book is lost or damaged, the book must be paid for or replaced before the end of the school year.  Debts remaining at the end of the school year may be turned in to the office and become a part of the student’s obligations. If a student is facing a hardship and cannot pay for the damaged/lost book, please email librarian at

Book Selection

Books are selected based on the age range recommended by the publisher: middle grades (4-8) and young adult (7-12). 

Keep in mind that all families are different and what may be considered appropriate for one family's child may not be for another. It is the responsibility of the parent to discuss with their child what they are reading and to determine its appropriateness for the child. If you determine the book is not appropriate for them, please instruct them to return the book to the library and select something else. Book choice is a private matter and should not be censored by any outside individual. For more information on this matter, please visit the American Library Association website HERE

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